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How to get a girlfriend

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First impressions are everything, so get your phone ringing with these tips. You will need: a haircut, a shower, deodorant(除臭剂), cologne(古龙水), a toothbrush, dental floss(牙线), mouthwash(漱口水), a job, and manners.

Step 1: Practice good grooming
Look your best. Don’t dress sloppily(不整洁地), be conscious of the latest trends(流行趋势), and get a fashionable haircut.

Step 2: Be hygienic
Maintain good hygiene(卫生). Shower daily, wear deodorant, and finish with a splash of cologne. Brush and floss regularly and rinse(冲洗) with mouthwash.
Quit smoking. Now.

Step 3: Take it slow
Don’t be too aggressive. Show interest, but don’t call everyday, or at all hours. You don’t want to become obsessive(执着于心) or scare her away.

Step 4: Establish common interests
Establish common interests. Unless you’re a magnet(磁铁), opposites don’t really attract. Find shared interests and focus on them. You’ve got to talk about something.

Step 5: Listen
Listen. Don’t yammer(说无聊话) on about yourself. Take a sincere interest in what she has to say and show your interest by making frequent eye contact.
Keep up with current affairs to engage in interesting conversation.

Step 6: Hold a job
Have a steady job, unless you’re a full-time student. Research indicates that women look for stability and security in a long-term relationship.

Step 7
Be polite, courteous(彬彬有礼的), and chivalrous(侠士风度的). No one has ever been turned-off by too much respect.

Did you know? Oily skin holds the scent of fragrances(香味) longer than dry skin.

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